Ezulwini 24.11.2016







Yeees, last week my mission was super successful! All these beautiful women, expressing themselves with choices of clothing, all with different stories and unique histories. During this Thursday afternoon first I popped into a shoe heaven because the lady with pink heels caught my attention. Then I visited my favourite book heaven to check up on the next member of my book shelf and found the lovely lady in blue/green dress. Then as I got out of the shop, I saw a soul mate of dress code walking by, in the black outfit with red details. So awesome! An then I haf to sit down for a cup of coffee just to take a breath.

Then I walked by the second soul mate of dress code, the gorgeous lady in black. Did you notice it’s pants she’s wearing! So cool and so stunning. I was so happy with all the pictures I had taken, I decided I’m satisfied now. Then I saw the lady in the red dress, and actually spoke with her for a good 15 minutes or so. She brings dresses from Zimbabwe, which are designed by her sister. So there we were, talking about dresses and sewing and travelling and all sorts.

And then I have this one bonus from the weekend, who stood out from the crowd and I just had to go after her.



Happy new week!


Ezulwini 12.11.2016

I am so happy to wake up to this day! It has been exactly a month since I started publishing images from the streets of Swaziland! The ride hasn’t been super smooth, but I have managed to find really cool stuff and I am happy of all the lessons.. such as

1. Don’t underestimate the importance of light. (Especially when using your dear old Samsung Galaxy as a camera.)

2. Be polite, ask for permission, don’t publish pictures of people you haven’t spoken to. (A lot of people don’t want their faces all over the unending interweb. People have a right to refuse, it is okay and it doesn’t change the fact they look awesome.)

3. Run after people. (If you saw something nice, turn around and go say hi!) (Don’t be creepy though.)

4. Be patient. Maybe today is not the day.

5. Remind yourself why you put yourself into this. (For me, personally, I want to make people feel good about themselves, make people smile and also show the rest of the world what a funny little place Swaziland is.) (Not in a bad way Swaziland, you are quite little. And also very very nice.)

I haven’t been able to post anything in a few days, sorry about that. First I didn’t seem to spend any time anywhere but at the office and at home. Unfortunately from my home I can’t just take a walk. This is due to variety of reasons such as countryside location, snakes, crazy dogs on the street, rain, mud and so on. All very bad reasons but I guess I can add “busy with the usual struggle of life” to the list.

Secondly, there is a very unfortunate circumstance around here as well, called super expensive internet. In Swaziland we have one and only mobile operator, providing us data at a rather high cost. Basically to post a couple of pictures and to check a few blogs I follow, it costs me diamonds and a couple Kruger Rand’s. On the other hand, using public WiFi hotspots would cost ones sanity. It. Is. Just. So. So. So. So. So. Slow.

Well anyway, here I am now. And here’s what I’ve found.








Have a stunning day!

Greetings from Botswana!

This weekend I traveled to my second home in Africa, Botswana. I saw such cool outfits, of which some I had a chance to take a picture of. May I introduce my souvenirs and these nine gorgeous ladies.


This outfit was at a funeral, I couldn’t resist the simplicity of black and white. And the hat!


These lovely ladies I found at a mall at Kanye, a village which I would call a town. I first saw the lady on the left with the stunning necklace and yellow pattern skirt. As I reached her, the others appeared and I was so happy to have them all in the picture. They were Gaborone girls visiting Kanye for a wedding.


On the last day I drove to Gaborone to say hi to some friends who I can also call my relatives. It was just another dry and hot Sunday, where you want to wear something loose and light. Can you imagine that the lovely lady in blue is about to give birth in a month? And can you imagine that the lady in orange/green dress is her mom? They all look soooo good.


Have and awesome week and wear whatever makes you feel good!

Ezulwini 28.10.2016

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The last Friday of October 2016 started with an awesome breakfast session with a group of amazing goal-catchers. I call them goal-catchers because that’s what we do, we think of what we want in life, where do we want to be, how do we want our life to look like. Then things just start happening, it’s like magic but it’s no magic, it’s our brain. You can do it too!

We all learnt the magic at a course called Investment in Excellence, facilitated by The Pacific Institute Swaziland. It is a life changing, mind blowing course, an uplifting journey to yourself.

So at breakfast we laughed, shared our stories and laughed a little more. This beautiful lady in the pictures was the captain of our ship, an awesome Pacific Institute crew member, and an inspiring life coach. A personal trainer as well, by the way. She looked so fresh today with the pink-peach-red colourconfusion, I couldn’t resist.

I wish you a treatful weekend! 🎃

Ezulwini 26.10.2016








I had a brilliant afternoon at the mall, seeing such beautiful people and different styles. Our creativity is unending and it makes me smile to see people walking with their heads up, feeling amazing and all ready to conquer the world.

Today is yet another day of heat and sun, I’ll keep my eye out for some joyful umbrellas. I used to laugh at the fact that you’ll carry your umbrella with you any day, in case of rain and in case of blazing sun. Where I come from, umbrellas are always black or grey, they are for autumn and rain, for the times when days are windy and cold, peoples batteries losing Vitamin D every day after the days of summer. Here umbrellas are red, pink, yellow and green, they have ears and eyes, flowers and unicorns. My favourite is one with all the colours of the rainbow. I mean, how could you be sad with a rainbow umbrella?

Have a happy day, be brave and keep your head high!