Manzini 30.10.2016










This Sunday morning I drove to Manzini, the vivid, boiling hot and hectic second capital of Swaziland. What I found today was not hectic at all, I’ve never seen the streets so empty. I guess everybody were already in church, my timing was bad. I took the best out of the situation and hit the mall!

These two gorgeous ladies and the handsome man were my first Manzini catch, but I promise there will be more. I hope one day I can also share some of the church outfits with you, they are bold and colourful with accessories for days!

Happy Sunday moments!

Smile That Smile! – Daily Shatzi: Thursday Theme

What an awesome post! You can tell me all these hyper positive, super happy, “unrealistic” things gross you out, it’s fine. But I love this stuff! Thank you fantac.cisse, have an awesome weekend!

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Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday 🙂

Today, I wish to share twenty reasons to smile and keep smiling, no matter what.

  1. Because you’re happy.
  2. Because it makes the person in front of you happy.
  3. Because when the world wailed at you to cry with him, the best reply is a compassionate smile.
  4. Because you are someone else’s reason to smile.
  5. Because it piss off your enemies.
  6. Because it warms your friends.
  7. Because someone is sad and need to see a smile.
  8. Because it breaks people’s barriers.
  9. Because it put people at ease
  10. Because it soothe insecurities.
  11. Because when you’ve been through a lot, when you’ve been through the worst, keeping your smile is your greatest victory.
  12. Because so far, nothing has break you down.
  13. Because you’ll work hard so that nothing ever will.
  14. Because you are in love.
  15. Because you are now single and ready to mingle.
  16. Because you just won.
  17. Because you…

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Ezulwini 26.10.2016








I had a brilliant afternoon at the mall, seeing such beautiful people and different styles. Our creativity is unending and it makes me smile to see people walking with their heads up, feeling amazing and all ready to conquer the world.

Today is yet another day of heat and sun, I’ll keep my eye out for some joyful umbrellas. I used to laugh at the fact that you’ll carry your umbrella with you any day, in case of rain and in case of blazing sun. Where I come from, umbrellas are always black or grey, they are for autumn and rain, for the times when days are windy and cold, peoples batteries losing Vitamin D every day after the days of summer. Here umbrellas are red, pink, yellow and green, they have ears and eyes, flowers and unicorns. My favourite is one with all the colours of the rainbow. I mean, how could you be sad with a rainbow umbrella?

Have a happy day, be brave and keep your head high!