Greetings from Botswana!

This weekend I traveled to my second home in Africa, Botswana. I saw such cool outfits, of which some I had a chance to take a picture of. May I introduce my souvenirs and these nine gorgeous ladies.


This outfit was at a funeral, I couldn’t resist the simplicity of black and white. And the hat!


These lovely ladies I found at a mall at Kanye, a village which I would call a town. I first saw the lady on the left with the stunning necklace and yellow pattern skirt. As I reached her, the others appeared and I was so happy to have them all in the picture. They were Gaborone girls visiting Kanye for a wedding.


On the last day I drove to Gaborone to say hi to some friends who I can also call my relatives. It was just another dry and hot Sunday, where you want to wear something loose and light. Can you imagine that the lovely lady in blue is about to give birth in a month? And can you imagine that the lady in orange/green dress is her mom? They all look soooo good.


Have and awesome week and wear whatever makes you feel good!

Manzini 30.10.2016










This Sunday morning I drove to Manzini, the vivid, boiling hot and hectic second capital of Swaziland. What I found today was not hectic at all, I’ve never seen the streets so empty. I guess everybody were already in church, my timing was bad. I took the best out of the situation and hit the mall!

These two gorgeous ladies and the handsome man were my first Manzini catch, but I promise there will be more. I hope one day I can also share some of the church outfits with you, they are bold and colourful with accessories for days!

Happy Sunday moments!

Ezulwini 26.10.2016








I had a brilliant afternoon at the mall, seeing such beautiful people and different styles. Our creativity is unending and it makes me smile to see people walking with their heads up, feeling amazing and all ready to conquer the world.

Today is yet another day of heat and sun, I’ll keep my eye out for some joyful umbrellas. I used to laugh at the fact that you’ll carry your umbrella with you any day, in case of rain and in case of blazing sun. Where I come from, umbrellas are always black or grey, they are for autumn and rain, for the times when days are windy and cold, peoples batteries losing Vitamin D every day after the days of summer. Here umbrellas are red, pink, yellow and green, they have ears and eyes, flowers and unicorns. My favourite is one with all the colours of the rainbow. I mean, how could you be sad with a rainbow umbrella?

Have a happy day, be brave and keep your head high!